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Architect Master

Architect Master Generation 2 range of increased brightness flood lights designed for illumination of exterior wall, bill boards and any other exterior objects.

Ideal to use in all heights up to 10m, to replace  150W, 250W, 400W classical flood lights.

All LED chips have an individual optic lens, so light is channeled in the right direction with maximum efficiency and minimum light pollution. Aluminum extrusion housing allows installation in wet environments, including coastal areas with high level of salty humidity (18-20μ anodization on the extruded profile and brackets is painted after hot galvanized. Available on request).

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Operating Voltage 170 ~264VAC
Overvoltage Protection 320V AC, 48h
Burst/Surge Protection 10kV
Power Factor > 0.97
CRI +70 / +80 optional
Colour temperature 3000K or RGB optional
Weight: 1.1kg, 1.7kg; 2,3kg; 3,5kg
Dimming optional. Range 1% to 100% (DSI, DALI)

LED Code L90B10

Product Code


Temp. K

Flux (Lm)

Architect Master 1           34W           4000K/5000K               4 100    

Architect Master 2           67W           4000K/5000K                8 250    

Architect Master 3          100W          4000K/5000K             12 600    

Light Diagram





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A medium round beam with low glare and excellent cut-off, M is designed for high bay applications with high mounting

W meets DLC high bay requirements. It has an optimal light distribution with a wide rectangular light pattern, low glare and 
excellent cut-off.

WW is an extra wide version of W, having a round light pattern with low glare and excellent cut-off. It can be used in high bay applications with lower mounting heights and also in low bay applications due to the width of its beam.

O designed to be used in high bay applications with narrow spaces, for example corridors between shelves. O has an oval-shape beam with excellent cut-off.

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