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Cerberus  UV-C LED Vehicle device is designed to constantly circulate and disinfect air in an enclosed vehicle cabin, following same design principle as it happens in commercial aircrafts. Passenger vehicle’s air conditioning systems not that much sophisticated comparing to modern aircrafts in terms of air circulation and disinfection. 

UV-C Device, mounted on the ceiling will constantly rotate and disinfect air at rate similar to commercial aircrafts. Air flows into the device from below area at rate of 68 m³ an hour, instantly disinfected using high power ultraviolet LEDs and is sent sideways in a circular motion, exiting at floor level. Device completely safe for people below, which was confirmed by testing conducted at NMISA (National Metrology Institute of South Africa)

Operating Voltage 12/24VDC

Vehicle lamp specifications.png
Radiant Flux
Product Code
Cerberus Vehicle
0,144W @ 275nm
68 m³/h
132 x 198 x 43mm

Easy installation with plug-in into cigarette charger (12V version) or connected directly to vehicle electrical system (12V/24V)

2 devices installed inside of the standard Toyota Quantum minibus taxi vehicle, will circulate and disinfect air about 15 times per hour, or every 4 minutes

Taxi circulation.png
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