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Warehouse Master

Specialised low glare high bay for the warehouse environment, industrial and commercial premises. 

Designed for illumination of narrow gangways, as in high rise storage or maintenance areas with a requirement for increased illumination levels. Special prismatic diffuser allow to achieve low glare effect and superior light uniformity. Keeping workers comfortable when looking up while shelves loading/off-loading.

Specific elongated radiation pattern for better illumination of racks and areas in-between.
Most efficient usage at suspension heights between 10m and 20m. Due to super bright LED modules required 200-250lx of lighting output easily provided.


Light can be supplied with trunking, specifically wired and equipped with clip-in connectors, making suspension and installation fast and easy. 

Compatible with Throne BMS

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Product Code

Operating Voltage 170 ~264VAC
Overvoltage Protection 320V AC, 48h
Burst/Surge Protection 2kV to 4kV
Power Factor > 0.97
CRI +70 / +80 optional
Colour temperature 4000K optional
Weight: 1.1kg, 1.7kg; 2,3kg; 3,5kg
Dimming optional. Range 1% to 100% (DSI, DALI)

LED Code L90B10

Master2                 67W                      5000K                               7 480

Master3                100W                     5000K                              11 000    

Master4                137W                     5000K                              15 000    

Master5                167W                     5000K                              20 120    


Temp. K

Flux (Lm)

Light Diagram

Main Catalog  - warehouse master 2.png



Optional items 


Side mount hanger bracket    CS00161-005-11              

Main Catalog  -4.png

A medium round beam with low glare and excellent cut-off, M is designed for high bay applications with high mounting heights.

O designed to be used in high bay applications with narrow spaces, for example corridors between shelves. O has an oval-shape beam with excellent cut-off.

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